Dear Player,

We at Luck Genome do our best to provide our player with the best game experience, by creating a fun, friendly and welcoming environment for our players in each of our games. In order to keep your enjoyment of our games and services, and to help you understand what is appropriate and what is not when playing our games and using our services, we provide you with the following non-exhaustive list of game violatios (the list makes an inherent part of Luck Genome Terms and Condition as appears in Luck Genome website), which are examples of abusive or disrespectful behavior that we at Luck Genome do not endorse. If any player is involved in any of the below activities, it may result in termination of the player’s account and prohibit the player from using the game and our services.


· Misconduct includes the following improper behaviors:

Posting full names of users without their consent

Impersonating a Moderator/Admin – Pretending to be someone else by posting their name

Behavior/Language – Malicious behavior or use of defamatory language towards other players or Luck Genome representatives

Imposter – Playing under a third person account or under a different individual account and identifying oneself under the name of that third person.

· Harassment includes irritation or torment of another player or of any Luck Genome representative as follows:

Annoying (bullying, trolling, bothering) – Deliberate pestering of players within the game and creating negative environment for an opponent via various "cheap" tactics

Posting Personal/Account Information of another player or of yourself – The posted account will be banned permanently and an email will be sent to the owner of the account explaining such issue. If the owner of the account can verify ownership and that such post want not published by him/her, the ban will be lifted. This ban is meant for security measures. Posting of personal information includes posting phone numbers, personal web page, home addresses, IP addresses, or other personal information of the player or others.

Racism/Hate Mongering – Using political beliefs or passions of any kind to express hatred of another player or of any Luck Genome representative

Heavy or Explicit Sexual Language

Stalking – Unwanted or obsessive attention by a player or group of players toward an individual in game

· Trading / Selling / Scamming/Spamming:

Scamming – Fraudulent behavior to make a quick profit

Spamming – Sending unsolicited messages to other players, especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly, with the same content, to Luck Genome Customer Service teams or through chat platforms and Fan Page comments

Promotion of Scam Activities – To help or encourage fraudulent behavior to make a quick profit

Trading / Selling Accounts – Exchange or transfer of accounts for money/credit(s)/coin(s)

Ad Promoting – To help or encourage the advancement of hack sites or inappropriate sites

· Benefit Hacking – Taking advantage of a hacker’s exploit

Abusing Bugs/Glitches – Using the flaw(s) in the game for personal gain, chargeback dispute exploit, refund exploit

Making use of hacks – Actual use or distribution of the hack

Botting – Automated actions created to exploit game or mislead players

Hack Related Chat – Providing/Requesting hack information

· Hacking – To circumvent security and break into the game. All hacking will result in a permanent ban of the account.


NOTE: A user that is unaware of these violatios may still be subject to termination of his/her account

This list of violatios and applicable consequences is incorporated into and expressly made a part of our Terms of Service.


Thank you for respecting and following our rules.


Luck Genome Group

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